Meet Our Board


Cristen Bopp – President & Founder is passionate about empowering survivors of trauma by offering them alternative coping skills. 

She is: the Evening Shelter Manager at InterAct (Domestic Violence Center of Wake County), Certified to teach two forms of Qi Gong (Chinese internal martial arts), Creator of the Golden Hill Meditation ©, the local Pangu Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga & Meditation Meetup Facilitator, Certified Connection Coalition Volunteer,  Attended NCCADV Advocate’s Institute,  CPR and Children’s Mental Health Certified.

She overcame trauma from her childhood and adulthood by practicing qi gong and meditation daily.  These days she does a little of everything at Golden Hill while mainly focuses on fundraising and connecting trauma-informed certified instructors to under-resourced kids and their families.  

Latest favorite quote – “I’ve heard that what you imagine sometimes comes true.”  Grandpa Joe Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl

Cristen daydreams about a world full of kindness, peace, love, prosperity & joy.

Erin Tracy – Vice President – is certified in medical qi gong, qi gong instruction and health coaching and uses her gifts and training to guide, mentor, and empower others to increase and balance their energy and heal deeply. In her business, Empower Wellness, LLC, she teaches meditation, qi gong, tai chi chu’an, and empowers others to make transformational changes in their lives.  Erin practices Pangu Shengong, tai chi chu’an, and meditation daily to keep herself balanced, well, and strong.  She is elated to be a part of the Golden Hill Charity team and to share with others what LOVE can do.

Amee Earl – Treasurer has worked in Financial Services for nearly twenty years and has been a regular practitioner of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Pangu yoga, as well as meditation and Pangu Shengong qigong for well over a decade in combination. These dedicated focuses in her life seemed worlds apart at first. Time and experience showed her how these practices that cultivate present moment awareness and connective energy made her a stronger person who is able to be the best possible version of herself in each moment and interaction. They have made her a better financial advisor, manager, colleague and friend, and brought an added dimension of connection and joy to her life. She looks forward to many new friends and being a facilitator of this connection and joy in their lives. She is proud to be a part of what Golden Hill brings to our community.
Jillian Placko – Secretary
Tracy Sturdivant – Board Member
Emily Bopp Karpuszka – Board Member